get after it

  • Enjoy and embrace everyday that I am single because I know this is temporary and life is short!
  • Accept each day with grace and trust my gut (it’s always right)
  • Maintain a creative outlet in the form of writing, painting, and dancing
  • Conduct workshops across the country
  • Own a private practice
  • Have a pool or leave near water (lake or ocean)
  • Join a women’s golf league
  • Travel to Australia again!
  • Marry an amazing man who is also my best friend
  • Write a book that is available in bookstores across the country
  • Teach yoga at a studio in the Twin Cities  (February, 2017)
  • Attend an outdoor music festival
  • Live in another state besides MN, CA
  • PR on my 3rd marathon ( sub 4 hr 14 min)
  • Join a writers group
  • 2-3 week Euro Trip
  • Take hip-hop classes
  • Freelance write for: Yoga Journal, Minneapolis St.Paul Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, or Women’s Health
  • Have 3 children
  • Have and maintain 5 close friendships  (I’ve got my people!)
  • Own a chocolate lab
  • Have an art / reading room
  • Frame one of my paintings and hang it in my home
  • Lease a paint breed horse for 6 months
  • Complete an Olympic Distance Triathalon
  • Raise a family on Christian beliefs
  • Own a road bike
  • Own a white Land Rover/ Jeep with a bike rack that I drive to paths and trails to bike, run, and explore
  • Belong to a Co-Op
  • Live on the water: lake or ocean in my 30’s, 40’s and beyond
  • Live in a warmer state ( California 2011-2013)
  • Take pictures at memorable events and frame them( ongoing)
  • Sip espresso in Italy
  • I celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
  • Attend a week long yoga retreat
  • Ride an elephant
  • Pay off my student loans
  • Teach my kids yoga
  • Teach my kids how to ski in Colorado
  • Dance every chance I get!!!!!!!!!!
  • Teach my kids how to skate on a pond
  • Entertain: 1x month, dinner, candles, and music.
  • Have a beachy, rustic home, where art and color are prevalent

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