Born to Run

I remember running with my Dad when I was younger.  I enjoyed lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement.  As my Dad’s knees start to bother him (from years of sports) he switched to rollerblading and I ran beside him.  I’ll never forget when two older women smiled at me and complimented my father on raising an active kid.  I’m not sure why this image of these women is so vivid in my mind, but it makes me thankful for my parents to encourage my brother and I to be active.

As I got older, I became confident enough to hit the trails solo.  I ran on the path regularly after high school got out.  I ran for peace of mind and for the consistency.  I liked having this sacred place to let go of the day and quiet my mind when high school seemed overwhelming.

Still, to this day, my hometown path brings me so much clarity and peace.  I have run this path throughout my childhood, high school, college, and now from time to time.  It seems whenever I feel a little stuck, or am overwhelmed, I head to this path and it balances me.  It must be the history, comfort, and familiarity that is so healing.

Fast forward, to running throughout college (especially in preparation for midterm and final exams) running the campus and beach when I studied abroad in Australia, and running everywhere sans car when I moved out to California.  Running remained a constant in my life through all of these transitions.

Today, after running over a dozen half marathons, 20 mile, and 2 marathons, I can say, without hesitation, that it has been the best hobby, time-filler, stress reliever, friend bonding, temporary boyfriend replacement, that I could have ever picked up.

Through my metatarsal and patella bursitis injuries I have learned patience and the understanding that the body needs variety and rest is essential.  I had the opportunity to see my life without running so that I could be more grateful for the time I spent running.

Running a half marathon at the end of May and possibly a marathon in the fall, but until than I am simply enjoying the time spent on the path.  It’s ironic how the most simple of things brings the most bliss, it’s my hair pulled back, Brooks, and beats.


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