Oh, where to begin.  Summer has ended and fall is right around the corner.  I’ve already been to the Apple Orchard and can’t wait to purchase some new sweaters and knee highs this year to add to my cool weather wardrobe.


Pinetree Apple Orchard

I ran a half marathon on September 11th.  It was my first long run in two years! Feels good to be running long distances and putting some good mileage on my Asics.  I am not going to lie, it was probably my slowest half marathon I have ever run, but…it gives me extra motivation to do another half or full (can’t decide yet) in the spring.


Obsessed with Asics!

On another topic, It’s been on my to-dos to give All Things Yogi a new look.  I hope you like it and I will be writing more often so your inbox’s get All Things Yogi love once and a while.  I’m also going to be taking some more pictures because I have fully converted over to Apple and who doesn’t love some good pics?!

On the fitness and yogi front, I have been spending a lot of time in the weight room.  In fact, today was leg and chest day and it was about an hour and fourty-five minutes of hitting the iron and nice jog after.  I have been working my ass off and I am happy with my continued progress.  I’ve said it before and will say it again, fitness is a life-long journey.  Over the years I have been changing it up to challenge my body and avoid injury (I’ve learned my lesson). I haven’t been going to a yoga studio or really going to classes as of late for that matter, but my room has become my studio.  My favorite poses are legs up the wall, rabbit, and bridge.  I find these poses are often what my body craves and are energizing after a long day.

I hope your pre-fall is off to a great start and that you got to enjoy the sweetness of summer. I’m happy to be back writing and wish you a wonderful, relaxing Sunday.


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