Superfood Soup and Happy 4th

2 words, Rich Roll

Loving his story and the new recipe book that he and his wife created out of their neat home in the sweet sunshine state of Cali.  His book, “Finding Ultra” should be making its way into my mailbox stat and I am looking forward to reading it after I finish “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.

As you may have surmised, I am an avid reader and simply cannot get enough of people who write books that not only motivate me but share their own story of crossing finish lines, and basically proving themselves and the world that their far more capable than the limitations they and others put upon themselves.

Amidst listening to podcasts, music downloads, and exploring new recipes, like my new fav Superfood Soup (the picture for this post) I am creating and practicing a yoga routine for try-outs, running, cooking, and outdoorsing.  Ufta, loving it.

The theme of this summer and year has been facing my fears and just going for it. I am doing this with yoga and a few other things at the moment and I can only pass the message on that you should too.  Afterall, our time on this earth is limited and what is standing between you and where you want to be?

Below are a few pictures from summer. Enjoy the 4th


White Bear Lake Sunset Summer 2016



Last nights din din



friends pool

IMG_1207 (1)

My fav breakfast spot, also known as mi casa



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