The Scarcity Mindset

Let me preface this by mentioning, I have just finished one load of laundry and onto number dos.  I’ve got dinner ready and the evening sky is rather pretty right now, but after living 28 years as a creative right side brain dominate gal, I know that when a topic comes up, ready to blossom, with its creativity and noteworthiness- I can do nothing else but succumb to the keyboard and hope that the words get onto the page somewhat legibly.

The scarcity mindset is toxic.  It thrives in the American culture and manifests itself into the messages we see and hear in so many ways that we oftentimes forget that we have a choice to either follow pursuit or take the road less traveled. Let me break it down: I’m not healthy enough, I’m not thin enough, I’m not rich enough, I’m not driving a nice car, there aren’t enough hours in the day, I need more Apple products to stay current, I’m not working out enough.  The common theme here is the need for more.

I feel this same concept holds true with the scarcity mindset.  Nothing will ever be enough.  I argue this is a frustrating, exhausting, and unfulfilling way to live.

Instead of slipping into the norm and putting your energy into “more” perhaps you need to evaluate your values and figure out what is enough for you. If you don’t know yet, be patient, lean in to the things that spark your interest, bring you joy, and fulfil you.  To help get you started, I’ve started something to get you thinking…

Values/ Things of importance in my life:

Time with immediate family

Love from others and to others

Time outdoors

Physical activity both relaxing and challenging

Comfortable, warm, bright colored living space

1:1 time with my boyfriend

If you take a look at this list its pretty simple.  I think you will find that yours is too.

That’s all I got tonight, thanks for reading.




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