Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt= Yoga with weights= I’m done with extension teacher training (the capstone of teacher training) this week.  This has been a wild ride.  For one, I had to dust-off my textbook from 2011 and basically re-learn everything a whole 5 years later (sigh number one).  Second, I hadn’t taken a sculpt class all but, maybe, twice since getting into running and now weight lifting (sigh number two). Third, I have been teaching a segment(s) of a community yoga class for the past few Sundays with my fellow (amazing) teachers in training.

I cannot even begin to describe to you the feeling of thirty pairs of eyes watching you (and trusting in you) to guide them through class.  It is wicked scary, amazingly nerve-wracking, and downright sweet at the same time!

It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when your venture outside your comfort zone and dip your toes into something completely new.

I have learned:

  • The necessity of throwing myself into the new: I’m talking out of comfort zone, new skill, new experience type of adventure
  • No matter how much public speaking you have under your belt…instructing a fitness class takes a whole new form of confidence
  • My ability to spread laughter, energy, and positivity to anyone I have the opportunity to teach
  • I will forever be listening to music, counting out the beat, and categorizing it based on the segment it can be placed in a class
  • I tend to speed up when I am nervous, but slowing down challenges the muscles more and this is something I have to work on
  • I will be practicing night and day so that I can try out and be on a local studios schedule on a consistent basis
  • I will forever be perfecting my craft and each student will bring me closer to being the best instructor I can be

On another note, things are warming up her in Minnie and it’s been awesome.  I love summers in Minnesota because of the lakes and greenery.  It truly is a beautiful state for at least three months of the year (natives get my drift).  Hopefully, you too can take on something new this summer. I challenge you to pick up a new skill, explore a new area or pick up a new hobby.  Honestly, it makes for a fun, wild, and amazing ride.





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