I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time.  During my journey to strong, I have sweat, grit, and new calluses.  I have also learned an incredible amount of patience (yes).

I use to think that running my way to slim was the answer.  In fact, I grueled through 8 mile runs every other day on top of other training and super long run Saturdays. I loved the endorphins, but after time my knees said no more…and my feet amongst several other things. The outcome to strong has been healthier mentally, physically, and I am leaner now than I ever was running marathons and half marathons.

Therefore, I would like to share some funny moments along the way.

  1. Woke up flawlessly to a sweater that didn’t fit in my bicep region (no complaints, but many giggles)
  2. The moment when you wish there were pants made for strong legs and a little waist, what would we call these? Leggies? Strong legswear?
  3. When your body fat percentage decreases and lean mass increases #gainz
  4. You realize you ate more beef then your honey who is 2x the size of you #cantgetenoughprotein
  5. People start thinking your taller (um yes, hit my 2nd growth spurt, thank you) false, it’s all about the posture.
  6. Contemplated the idea of lifting shoes over my beloved Asics
  7. Pray to the pant gods that people can’t see through my lululemon’s during deadlift
  8. Celebrate a heavier lift with a slight fist pump
  9. Avoid the restroom to avoid the pain of sitting on the potty (holy lunges)
  10. The moment you lift a heavy box and decided to put it down and pick it up again #yesididthat

What has your journey to strong been about? Are you looking to get fit?  Pick up some weights and enjoy the journey and (many) giggles along the way.


Tampa, Florida 3/15/16

Featured image source: http://www.crazyaboutphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Super-strong-baby-girl.jpg




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