You are much stronger then you think, in fact, remember that nasty flu bug that you thought you wouldn’t live through? Or what about that break up that left your heart in shambles? the weight that you swear you couldn’t lift?  The extra mile that you didn’t feel you could run?

My guess is despite your self- doubt you had the strength to power through it.  Somewhere deep down you mustered up the strength to stick it out.  I feel like we need to be reminded of this.  It’s is so darn easy to backout and play small.  It is so easy to be mediocre, not get into much trouble, and play it safe, but like the flu, weight, and extra mile they go away in a matter of minutes perhaps hours or days.  The same is true with life.

 I don’t know about you but I wasn’t born to live my life to play small and quit at the first sign of adversity.

It’s good to throw yourself a curve ball once in a while, take a risk, a leap or whatever you want to call it.  These steps will push you forward and make life interesting.

Embrace change and learn from every failure or hiccup.  I feel these two are a winning combination for a person who can and will achieve what they want in life.


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