I love to hate the site that brings me “closer” to my friends and family, yet pulls me away from being present.  You can be sitting anywhere, and with a few swipes you are divulging into someone else’s thoughts, meals, selfies, and mindless chatter.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I made a promise to one another to not be on our phones when were together.  There were a few exceptions of course, which included, making social plans with friends or talking to a family member (his are across the world). I took this special agreement one step further and have taken a much needed break from Facebook.  At the end of the day, I am not gaining anything from seeing what everyone else is up to.  In fact, it’s getting in the way of what I am up to and the precious and important people around me. It has made me realize who the people are, in my life, no matter what amount of Facebooking I am doing.  For example,

“Hey, are you coming to my party Monday?” ….(Oops, no Facebook)

My reply, “Yes, wouldn’t miss it, but did miss hearing about it on Facebook”

Amidst missing pictures, comments, and likes my profile picture is still from early winter and my background is an old and outdated version of this very blog.  I feel behind! But am I?  I have to check in with myself and how freaking stupid this thought is.  Really?  In reality, I am behind in my day to day activities that require my full attention like the conversation I am having with my brother just as my phone chimes with a new text message.  I am in control of taking out the interruptions in my life and am happy to sign out, silence, and turn off my phone to be present.

A co-worker of mine has since taken a break from Facebook and her sister too.  You know what their finding? More time.  Yes, more time to do things they enjoy.

I am not saying Facebook is evil because it has connected and reconnected me with friends that I dearly miss and have little to no communication with, but, it has taken precious time away from my day to day life that I am getting back one minute at a time.

Presently yours,




Image source: http://www.chatelaine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/4f44fad64fd9991bbc58c96662e1-440×660.jpg


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