Here’s To 2016

I’m getting down to the juicy stuff this year.  Going straight for the real deal and saying no to my fears, reservations, and excuses.

Last year, for 2015, my overall goal was to speak the way that I felt.  To be more straightforward and cut straight to the point.  This goal was met, in fact, to the point where some people took it a little too personal.  I guess you could say I didn’t do a whole lot of sugar coating in 2015.  This is something I will continue to do.  It’s now the way I communicate.

2016 is going to be a year of writing.  My goal is to write.  It’s plain and simple.  I’ve always known that I will be an author.  I will be blogging, journaling, and learning about self-publishing.  I will have a book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.  I’m scared beyond belief, but I’m putting my big girl pants on and if I fall flat on my face-hey, at least I tried.

So as I sit here on this much too old couch, and sip water from a plastic bottle, that I’m embarrassed of buying, I want to part with a few words of encouragement.  Get after it.


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