Falling into Cooler Weather

The weather is slowly changing.  Yesterday, I felt the first gust of chilly air.  Fall is here and winter is around the corner.  I have lived in Minnesota for most of my life so you think I would be a tough cookie by this point, BUT I’m not.  Infact, I am a cold weather weenie and the only solution I have to stay warm is to keep moving or…run towards my honey who is 6ft 8 and a warm oasis and wind blocker.

Lately, life has been all about enjoying the moment.  My body is strong, work is solid, and goals are unwavering.  I have many big, hairy, audacious goals.  I truly feel there is NOTHING in this world that can’t be accomplished.  I have high expectations for those in my life and you should too.  “You can” is something you will hear often.  I challenge you to be better, think bigger, and push harder.  If there is anything I can give you my reader is this: don’t let anything get in the way of what you want!

On another note, I stumbled across this video/article online and had to share it so enjoy!



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