Change is Beautiful

It’s been a while and no I haven’t been too busy to write.  However, the writer, creative type in me decided that this morning would be a great morning to slap down words on a page that I hope someone out there will want to read.  Writing has always been a love/hate skill.  It makes me incredibly vulnerable, but at the same time I feel I am doing a disservice when I keep it to myself.

I have been putting the motto “forever growing and expanding” in action in almost every aspect of my life.  I’ll give you the down-low here:

 Job change

 Commitment to the 90 day challenge at Lifetime Fitness

New roommate (insert happy dance here)

Fresh goals: see goals tab on homepage

Saving instead of spending

New recipes (hello, homemade gluten free pizza)

Long hair-Don’t care: my hair is seriously down to my A$$

Growth with my second half (love you mucho)

Motivational videos up the ying-yang (see my favs below)

Candice’s fav motivational videos: I listen to one of these everyday


1 hour compilation

I hope what you’re getting from this is to not stay idle.  Challenge yourself and enjoy the beauty of change.  It is through failure and the tough, icky stuff where the true growth emerges.  The strong propel themselves forward ALWAYS.


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