Where I’ve been lately

Oh how I miss the keyboard.  Unfortunately, writing has not been a top priority the last few months.  In fact, it has taken a backseat next to my torturous running workouts, self doubt, and flat shoes that no longer grace my shoe rack.   CHANGES.

I have skipped a few workouts, lost some body fat, and have been reaching far beyond my comfort levels and pushing myself to challenge my mind and body in ways that five years ago would have been non- existent.

My boyfriend is a trainer so I realize I’ve got some help in this area but the last few months have been more about the weight room and less about cardio.  In fact, I would guess I am running around 5 miles a week MAX.  My legs are stronger than they’ve ever been and I can do mean set of push-ups thanks to some carefully crafted workouts that involve circuits.  I guess the age of 26 came with a whole new mindset around health and wellness and damn I am greatly appreciative.

Along with new workouts and small tweak in my nutrition I have been traveling A TON: Arizona, Chicago, San Diego, and Chicago again, Arizona again, and Denver is right around the corner.  UFTA.  Business lady on the go! I enjoy traveling and am disciplined when it comes to nutrition and exercise when I am away from home, but it still wears me out.  Planes are a Petri dish of germs and there is nothing enjoyable about sitting next to someone who blows their nose every 2 minutes and snores close to your shoulder (yes, a lady almost cuddled with me) but besides that I enjoy the change in scenery and am pretty good at taking solo trips.

YOGA, my beloved yoga, is a part of my daily routine, not a full class, but poses that give me energy and peace.  I love a daily downward dog, backbend, and every now and then rabbit pose to get my day set in the right direction.

What have you been up to lately?

Happy Easter!


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