Thrive in 2015

Set aside the strategic marketing, wishing, and extensive new year resolutions. Take a step back and reflect on your year: the good, the bad & the ugly be thankful for your breath and freedom to make decisions and understand that nothing should be taken for granted.

I have to admit that 2014 was pretty rad. A handsome, tall, amazing man came into my life, an awesome job with cool co-workers, and an increased amount of confidence and wisdom upon my shoulders.

The biggest take-away this year was the importance and necessity of love. The love for what you choose to do for work, the people in your life, love for yourself, and love for the fact that you are alive and well.

Perspective. This is what I hope you are getting here.

Write down one thing you want to tackle in 2015. Stick to one and make it happen. Don’t give up and get your support crew to back you up and keep you accountable.

Thrive, be vibrant

…and approach this new resolution with a whole Lotta LOVE

Happy 2015 from Allthingsyogi
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