Go Take a Bath

Rewind to roughly 16 years ago and you would have found that an evening bath was somewhat routine in my personal health repetoire. I loved taking baths in my parents big tub that had gigantic candles rounding out its square edges. I would sit in there for hours while my hands turned to a prunish-like texture. I would turn the bubble blower on and relax while thinking about my childhood worries and dreams of someday being a grown up and driving to the mall (shopper much?)

This week, after a long day at work, and in absence of sleep, I grabbed the carton of espom salt that had been sitting in my cabinent for months. I got the idea from my european boyfriend who truly knows how to enjoy life and all of its beauty. Infact, one of the first things he said after seeing my room and bathroom for the first time was “do you ever take baths? you got a big tub!”

Anyways, I wont get all goo-goo ga ga about my love life, but I will say that my epsom salt bath was heavenly. I dimmed the lights and put roughly 2 cups of epsom salt in my warm bath water and relaxed and unwound from the day for about 30 minutes.

I came out of the tub feeling somewhat out of it My mind had slowed down and my muscles felt like jello. I barely made it to 7:30 . I was out cold. I slept for over 11 hours of amazingness.

Please dont take this as a stretch of the truth because I have tried all sorts of holistic and old school remedies to take care of the body. A few others are:

oil pulling
apple vinegar in water
lettuce to heal inflammation
olive oil to moisturize hair
eggs to moisturize hair
baking soda for teeth and body odor
essential oil for sleep and energy
oolong tea

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All in all, americans have underestimated the use of the bath (amongst many other things like quality nutrition) We have gotten so caught up in the ideals of quick, easy, and instant. The truth is if we continue on this path we will see an increase in burn-out, anxiety, depression and just plain lack for life.>

have you tried any holistic approaches to taking care of your body? Whens the last time you took a bath? perhaps your sunday can involve a little salt and a dash of warmth.

Happy bathing,

post image source: http://desmoinesparent.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/epsom-salt-bath-improve-health.jpg


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