Life Lately

My knee is still healing. It was at one point in time the size of a football. Infact, the kneecap was completely covered by inflammation which resulted in wearing yoga pants and loose jeans to somewhat hide and cover its bigger then life size. Therefore, my life lately has been getting acquainted and adjusted to the healing process. What does this mean? bike, more stretching, focusing on foods from the ground and all of the extra self care steps that need to take place for me to get back on my feet (literally)

I have learned to make peace with the fact that I cannot run right now. It is EXTREMELY difficult for me to put something on pause that rejuvenates my spirit and makes me feel alive. The truth is that I kind find this same release and energy from focusing on the things that I can do and understanding the limits that the human body has in terms of wear and use.

I believe health and wellness is a journey. The journey comes with years of wisdom and experience of what works and doesnt work. We are all complex, but when it comes down to the very basics of what makes a body happy it involves 5 things:


eating pure, real, colorful foods

ample rest

healthy stress management

Love: hugs, words, care, support

I challenge you this weekend to consider what you think you want and what you think you need. Is there a category above that you feel is missing? perhaps needs more attention? what steps can you take to support this?

This week and the few weeks ahead I am focusing on balance. I am focusing on the right form of movement aka exercise and ample rest. These two things are what needs my attention to achieve a healthy, strong body (and knee)



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