A Knee the Size of a Football

I sit here disgruntled about my knee that is the size of a football. I would have described it like a basketball yesterday so I am happy there has been some progress over the night.

October has been a month of movement. I am not referring to physical, but rather the movement that comes from :

being single to a relationship
Experiencing Patella tendonitis that turned into a knee infection
A visit to urgent care & the ER (boyfriend had appendicitis)
2 orthopedic visits
…UFTA its been a wild ride.

The hardest part about an injury for me is the inability to exercise. My pain threshold is very high and being sick gets me down, but I’ve been able to troop through everything with a slight smile on my face. Therefore, the mental part is where the struggle lies. I drive past runners and yearn to be out there and I look at a pair of free weights and want to pick them up to do a few bicep curls. GRRRRRR I know I can, I know I can. My body will not lose muscle in a few days and it would be pretty hard to smack on 5 lbs over night.


I am reminding myself of the positives. For one, I am typing. The injury got me back to the art that makes my heart whole.

A few others:

I have meditated for 10 minutes the last 2 days

My boyfriend and I’s relationship has grown stronger (think driving, helping me clean, making meals, watch movies, talking about our future)

I can work on my brain 🙂 yes, I have dived into a few books and am setting new goals for myself that I can’t wait to achieve

My awesome friends that are there for me-asking if I need anything

True appreciation for my body. Its amazing and I am so thankful for my flexibility, strength, and agility.

The little things that bring me comfort: my favorite Synergy Kombucha tea, soft blankets, bright red/pink lipstick, perfume, vegan protein powder, hot pink jacket and my yoga mat in eye sight

I actually listened to my doctor (insert stubborn here)

October has been a whirlwind and will end with costumes and kids on sugar high’s. I am happy with the place I am at in my life and am looking forward to running again in the near future. I can honestly say that the my first run of fall will be epic and until then I am going to chill and enjoy the beauty of fall and all of its comforts.


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