Simplicity, baby steps, and scaling back to take a step forward

It’s my nature to add something to my plate until it is so full that I have no choice but to take something away. However, as I get older and what i’d like to think as wiser, my mindset has changed. It comes down to what makes me happy, what adds value, and eliminating and letting go of all the rest. This isn’t selfish, its healthy, and its the way I want my days and life to go.

I realize that I can’t map out my future entirely. I realize that there will be bumps and rocks or maybe mountains (ironic since I am currently on a flight to Denver) along the way, but every moment I want to live fully in the present.

There are a few things that remind me of this. I go back to these things to keep me grounded and continuously aware of being gracious and living simply.

conversations with my grandma
time with my brother
holding my baby cousin

Today and everyday it is so easy to forget this. It is easy to fixate on the negative or fixate our mind so much on our work that we have little time for anything else.

Decide to make time for what matters. Make a change that benefits your values and needs.

In support of your ultimate happiness,

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