Stop the Victim Mindset

I can think of 99 excuses, but a victim mindset ain’t one. Yes, I stole this ditty from a rap song. Thursday morning at the crack of dawn (6am to be exact) I joined a boot camp class because I know the trainer well and like his workouts. I am in the middle of doing yet another burpee, with a built in push-up (rock star status) and the guy to my right drones on about his ailments.

“I can’t do this because of my neck… I will have to do less because it’s been a while…my arms aren’t strong enough for 20’s…my leg doesn’t reach that far”.  It was about 20 minutes into my bootcamp crashing that I was about to scream at this dude. He was adding nothing but negativity and bringing the group down with his persistent comments.
We all have been there. “My alarm didn’t go off”
“I had a really rough day at work so I need to do things slowly” “My friend is pissed at me and therefore, I’m pissed off, cranky, crabby etc”

My response is get over it. Deal with it outside the gym.

You are there to do what? Exactly, get in a workout. Please do that for yourself. You can come back to that shitty friend, stupid alarm, cranky, and crabbiness LATER.

avoiding the victim mindset is the best way to make sure that your workout is the most efficient.

Have you played the victim? What if you left the shi* outside the gym? Your office? Your meeting? What if you had a 0% excuse mindset? As we Minnesotans say, “You betcha”


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