Whole 30: Outcome with a Smile

Ok, I get it.  You really liked this post: http://allthingsyogi.com/2012/10/25/whole-30-wins-and-obstacles/

I am comfied on the couch with an extra strong cup of coffee on a Sunday so I am quite content. I patter upon my keyboard dressed in an oversized Midwestern Embroidered sweatshirt and flannel pants that include shades of turquoise and a little glitter.   I tell you this because you may be reading this while avoiding work, being frustrated with your weight, wanting to be inspired, or perhaps you too are curled up on the couch (coffee in hand, cheers!)

After 4 rounds of Whole 30 and 2 strictly followed Whole 30’s I have learned a lot: http://whole30.com/

I have incorporated some of the values of the Whole 30 into my daily eating habits and lifestyle.  I have learned to get away from restriction and focus on balance, moderation, and above all else, fueling my active body with real, vibrant foods that give me energy and vitality.  This does not come in the form of an ingredient list or wrapper.

The biggest piece of information I have learned from the Whole 30 is that I function best on a high fat (think avocados, olive oil, goat cheese, coconut oil) and a high protein diet (bison, turkey, bacon, chicken, salmon, tuna)  This is not for everyone, infact, you may be the type who needs more carbs, more fat, less fat, more protein, less protein etc.  The only way to find out is to experiment.  It takes a lot of patience and trial and error.

Below is a list of things I have incorporated after Whole 30’ing:

  • Coconut oil for cooking
  • Sweet potatoes: wedges, fries, etc (excellent carb source, vitamin &mineral dense)
  • Avocados (pretty much eat ½ to 1 a day )
  • Coconut milk (chocolate coconut milk too )
  • Dark chocolate (yum, in moderation)
  • I continue to eat gluten free, but incorporate rice and corn products (sometimes)
  • Goat cheese products are a go: kefir and goat cheese = yum
  • The whole 30 taught me to love eggs: omlettes, hard boiled, over easy, and scrambled.
  • Figs (my sweet tooth friend)
  • Lara Bars: Usually carry one in my purse and with 2-3 ingredients you cannot purchase a better bar
  • Mineral water: This stuff use to make me burp (super sexy) but I’ve gotten use to it and LOVE lime mineral water. I like Perrier and Pellegrino (fancy, huh?)
  • Probiotic goodness: healthy gut flora is important, therefore, Synergy Kombucha and kefir are my go-to’s
  • Quality multi vitamin: I use Lifetime Multi-Vitamin
  • Quality Omega 3 supplement: Did you know 80% of Americans are deficient in Omegas?! RxOmega-3 Factors (pharmaceutical grade) Dr. Michael Murray is the one I like from Whole Foods
  • Sleep: 8 hours is a must for me and I love to sleep!!!
  • Sugar: the less the better. If I am craving sweet I go for fruit…sugar in all of its forms makes me feel like CRAP
  • Multi-tasking: food is best enjoyed at a table( free from distraction)… not in your car, your workspace, your bed, your couch, seriously do you want crumbs in your cushions? cause a car crash? lets get real.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Whole 30 and have had some awesome take-away’s.

Balance is something I have struggled with in the past.  However, after much experimenting and continued hard work, I have come to realize that variety and balance is the key to long term health.

Dark chocolate or a glass of vino anyone?

What is your experience with the Whole 30? Did you learn anything from the list? What works for you?


Image source: http://www.mountainvistadentalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/baby-smile.jpg


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