Athletic Twerking

I am sure the title has got your attention so let me explain.  If you were to creep on our Boot camp class last Friday this is what you would have seen:

Ten people doing 6 minute stations of everything from burgees to sprints to box jumps.  A Patriot jeep parked near blasting Carlos Santana beats.  The sun slowly making its presence on the gym roof top.

The support system is great.  There are high fives and lots of laughter.  There is also some grunting and ranting as this type of boot camp class is filled with some hard exercises that test you both physically and mentally.

There are times when one more rep seems like too much.  I find my mind tells me no, but I ignore it and do one more.  I learn again and again that I am capable.  I find that my mind quits on me far before my muscles and therefore, I push harder knowing that this is where the growth occurs.  This is where I stretch my physical limits and get stronger and faster.

Now back to twerking.  If you do not know what twerking is then please just do a simple Google search.  It is a funny move that involves the hips.  Anways, the topic came up in boot camp and I volunteered to show the team how to do it.  I got up on the roof top wall and twerked it like Miley.

I am sharing this with you for one reason.  It is for laughter.  Lately I feel that people get caught up in the seriousness of life.  They forget that we live for something more than just work.  I think the perspective shifts when we hear about young deaths.  How would you live differently if you knew tomorrow was your last day? What is a cause you would fight for and want to contribute to? You see I think sometimes we lose perspective of what we really want.  We get caught up in our “to-do’s” and “wants” that we forgo what and where we really want to be spending our time doing.

Enjoy your weekend, add some laughter, and if you really want: try to twerking  like Miley.


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