Here’s to 26.2!

Nearing the end of my workday, I stare at my liter water bottle as I google “ketosis” and try to figure out what my net carb intake should be. Why? I am in constant experimental phase in trying to figure out what works for my bod and what allows me to perform and feel my very best. I think someone may chime in and say “but, for what Candice?” uhhhhhummmm yo, I am not a professional athlete. I get that. I cannot run a 5 min mile nor am I sponsored and am swimming in free gear, BUT, I’ve got a job. I’ve got a life and list of things that I want to accomplish so, guess what, the betta I feel the more I accomplish and get after what makes my heart flutter and fills my tank and my soul!

Can you relate to this? Do you often find yourself nose dived into a nutrition article or pushing your physical envelope with a new race or sport? I get it. I really do and this post is for you!

I am making an argument here to stop living in a comfort zone. It is not fun. It is not going to propel you to getting after what you want nor what you want to accomplish. Therefore, as I approach my third marathon with a much different training schedule then previously I feel a bit nervous. Infact, last week I was questioning my ability to finish the darn thing. This is where my self doubt crept in and I walked away from the thought feeling small, on edge, angry, and pathetic. I am not a quitter. I am not someone who can stomach or accept backing out. Therefore, this week has been interesting in the fact I have had to push away “doubtful Candice” and learn to accept where I am at and UNDERSTAND that I am fully capable. This alone is what can carry you through a marathon, the words, “I am capable” and let me add, it can carry you through a lot more then just 26.2

Be a digger. Strive for your best. Learn to question your doubts and follow through on your commitments.

Here’s to 26.2!


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