Coffee and Excuses

So I’m sitting on couch, no coffee in hand, and I am typing this with the worse case  of caffeine withdrawal.  I am a coffee fene.  I love the smell, taste, process, of coffee.  It is all so lovely.  However, right now I have 1 hour until I can drink it…why? I am doing a My Health assessment at Lifetime Fitness where they test your blood glucose levels, insulin levels, vO2 max, body fat percentage, and flexibility.  Therefore, this coffee thing is going to have to wait.  Also, I have fasted for the last 9 hours.  Again, this is the littlest of my challenges since coffee helps me pack my gym bag and get out the door (new flash: addicted much???)

I contemplated not going to take the assessment.  I have already rescheduled once and am pretty good at putting these things last on the priority list.  I could have decided to drink my coffee an hour ago and ate my breakfast 30 minutes ago, BUT, I keep reminding myself how important the My Health Assessment is so that I can measure my baseline health.

I have been thinking a lot lately about EXCUSES.  Excuses that we have that get in the way of results and progress.  I have heard it in my bootcamp class  “I worked late last night” ” I’ve never been able to do that so no way” “I don’t have time to work out 2 hours a day” ” My kids like junk food and its around so I eat it too”

Lately, when I find myself coming up with an excuse I nip it right then and there.


A) I am late to bootcamp because I couldn’t get out of bed

What I really say to my trainer:

I am late to bootcamp and do not have any excuses.  I will wake up 10 minutes earlier moving forward

Do you see the difference between the two? One shows change and takes ownership.  The other admits to fault and doesn’t do a THING about it.  The difference is the “excuses” type nature will continue and the other will not.  The fact is waking 10 minutes earlier will get me to Bootcamp on time.

Literally this can Apply to anything.  Try it out and see if you can eliminate your own excuses.


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