Getting Comfortable

People are good at getting comfortable. We have articles in magazines that are tweaked and reprinted again and again, simply think, “Shed 10lbs in a week”, we have endless routines to make us feel as though we have control over everything (news flash we don’t) and for the most part, all in all, people stick to what they know.  It is safe, it is comforting, and yet it is incredibly boring and a really great way to plateau.

Today I was standing in-between my parents at a modern church where the band plays loud and the pastor has a spiky hair-doo.  My parents stood there with cinched lips and arms crossed.  They were new to this modern take on church and coming from a catholic background, they were surprised by the hat and jean wearing church-goers.  I think you can only guess that they were out of their comfort zone.  They didn’t know how to belong and settle in to the mass.  However, fast forward to a few songs in and their shoulders relaxed, their hips swayed, and their once timid and surprised expressions turned to smiles.  My mom had mentioned that my dad walked in crabby and they left with their cup filled of a good word and vibe for the upcoming week.

I want to note that I am not writing this to press religion upon you because frankly for whatever you believe in: reincarnation, Buddhism, Catholicism, and even atheism…I am cool with it.  The short story of church today is to cover a rather simple concept.  There is comfort in routine, in the same workout, in the same meal, in the same job, and in the same relationship.  However, sometimes we forget that the ability to welcome change and to strive for change is truly how we can reach higher and experience things (even a modern church mass) to their full potential.   The best runners in the world did not achieve success by doing what their competitor did.  They achieved it by doing something different.  We are not all on the same playing field and it is up to you to challenge yourself and get something more out of this experience, this glorious dance called life. Happy Saturday!


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