Boot Camp

I had a 1:1 with a personal trainer this week and it was eye opening.  He pointed out that my posture was a bit lack and I needed to focus on total body weight training rather then my usual of rotating my weight training days with legs and arms.  I will be the first to admit that the weight room has not been my forte.  I go through spurts where I am in the weight room more, however, more recently I have been quite the cardio queen.  This is going to change.

How so?

I am starting boot camp next week! 2 weeks of Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6AM classes that focus on total body weight training.  BOOYA and just like that I am stoked to get my muscle back.

On another note, yesterday I ran 15 miles! yes, marathon training is happening and I realized that I have a lot of improvement to make in the next 2 months (the marathon is in May) UFTA

Have you ever done a boot camp? does your gym offer one? what action can you take today to make sure you get the results you need to perform better?

Happy 1st week of March!

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2 thoughts on “Boot Camp

    • Marathon training is going! I have a lot of work to do until May 9th, but, little by little I will get faster!

      Boot camp is kick ass! It challenges me in so many ways and its nice to have a work out all planned out for me!

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