Missing The Sunshine

Sand creviced between my toes, water in some vicinity near me, mountains and uneven terrain…I close my eyes and imagine I am on the beach.  I miss it.

Minnesota is my home for now, but I am itching for some heat.  I took spin class this morning and followed it with 60 minutes of hot yoga.  I am a fan of 105 degrees and 26 postures.  I am a fan of stretching my limbs and feeling the sweat trickle down my forehead.

For those of you who are hot yogi’s, you can attest to the strange obsession with 60 or 90 minutes of: silence, stretching, and heat.  It is hard to describe what makes it so great. 

I call it a massage for your mind.  It is a practice that loosens the joints and muscles.  It is the perfect way to unwind before a long nap or a restful night’s sleep.

Bikram has been around since the 1970’s.  It is a test for the body as well as the mind.  The breath is important to guide you through the postures and allow you to balance and focus on the present. 

(Learn more here: http://www.bikramyoga.com/BikramYoga/about_bikram_yoga.php)

Below are 5 Non-Conventional Useful Tid-Bits about Hot Yoga

1.     You cannot say, “I don’t like hot yoga” until you have tried it at least 5 times

2.     Bring 2 water bottles to class (1 is not enough)

3.     Compare the quality of sleep you get on days you do hot yoga vs. days you do not (hint: you should see a difference)

4.     Embrace Sweat:  Sweat, it is going to happen…possibly a drip from your yogi neighbor too.  There is an opportunity to shower after class, therefore take one!

5.     Space: America is obsessed with ample space; however, you need to let this go.  It is ok to have your mat near someone else’s.  They deserve the right to be in class and so do you!

Have you tried hot yoga? What did you learn?


2 thoughts on “Missing The Sunshine

  1. Dreaming of a cozy yoga studio – or the beach! – right now. Great tips… the first is so true! Hot yoga definitely wasn’t my thing the first five times I went, but then it suddenly was blissful 🙂

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