Ahhh choo! The Anti-Cold Remedy

I write this with cold toes while wearing a coat that I have had since the age of sixteen.  I am doing the Minnesota jig where I go from a heated coffee shop, to a heated yoga studio, to a heated apartment where I sleep in long pajama pants and a hooded sweatshirt.  I guess you could say I am cold. 

On the topic of being cold, I have been ravenously drinking Emergency-C and making sure to get my zzzzzzz’s so that I avoid the holiday crud that is going around.  I feel as though I am constantly dodging people who have had the flu, a nasty sinus infection, or a sore throat that doesn’t have an end.  ICK.

I am not 100%  immune to catching the bug nor a cold that can last for week(s) however, I have gotten savvy at keeping my immune system strong and my nasal passages clear by doing the following to keep healthy.

Below are 5 ways to stay healthy:

1.     Take Emergency-C   I like the tangerine flavor but if you’re a pomegranate or berry person it comes in those flavors too

2.     Sleep-You need sleep to function and fight off viruses so get ample zzzzzz’s and if your body is fighting a cold eat needs some extra sleep so shoot for 8 hours

3.     Hydrate-Water is your best friend and is essential to keeping all systems in your body working efficiently

4.     Wash “yo” hands: This isn’t rocket science but wash your hands more.  I mean public restrooms, door knobs, tables, phones, and even gym mats can have lots of germs.  It is to your advantage to keep those hands of yours squeaky clean.

5.     Eat clean-Eating quality foods like fruits, veggies, good fats, and lean proteins can go a LONG way.  The processed junk is only going to inhibit you from warding off the nasty-ness of colds and flu.


What do you incorporate in your day to stay healthy? How do you prevent catching a cold?

post image source: http://www.fruticulturasur.com/upload/articulos/imagenes/740_2.jpg


2 thoughts on “Ahhh choo! The Anti-Cold Remedy

  1. Spot-on, lady! I hope you and me both miss the crud that’s going around.

    Merriest Christmas to you! We must get a date on the calendar! I’ll email you 🙂

    • Merry Christmas Erin!

      I thought of you today while I was getting my Christmas day workout in….I was thinking “I bet Erin is being active today too!”

      I’ll look for your email!

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