This post is going to cover relationships.  It is a topic I have never written about on Allthingsyogi.  I tend to shy away from it due to it being rather personal and somewhat complicated, but, heck let’s get jiggy with it.

Three of my close friends boyfriends broke up with them in the last week, YIKES, is something in the water? Did they get cold feet around the holidays? I am stumped.  I am there for my friends and so is yoga.

The important of breath and movement and the connection between the two is uber important amidst turmoil.  I find that when I am anxious or overwhelmed my breath gets stagnant and few and far between.  However, when I am in class I feel calm and my breath is full.  I mean full in the sense of deep, belly, breaths that mimic the sound of waves.  This is true connection and what yogis strive for and work on incorporating in our daily lives.

I am in by no means a “relationship expert” but based on past experience and the words of wisdom from some amazing peeps I have put together a list of things to do when you are or have experienced a break up.

5 ways to help mend a broken heart

1.   Go to yoga, repeat, repeat, repeat

2.   Treat yourself like gold: eat clean, exercise, sleep, and treat yourself amazingly because you are worth it

3.   Write a letter to him/her but don’t send it: get out your frustrations, feelings, anger, and then re-read what you wrote.  It may help you discover things about the relationship you did not see before.

4.   Reach out to an aunt, uncle, parent, or mentor: We all experiences break ups.  It is a part of dating and chances are someone in your circle has some great insight into relationships.  My Grandma and Grandpa have been married for over 70 years….relationship experience anyone?!

5.    There are more men/women out there! I use to hate the saying “there are more fish in the sea” but…there are!

What relationship advice can you give to young ladies in their 20’s? What do you believe is important in a happy, healthy, and meaningful partnership?






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4 thoughts on “Relationship(t)s

  1. My advice: Those dudes were just practice runs, getting you ready to be the best YOU for the real man who is coming ahead!

    More advice: NEVER settle

    More advice: He’s just not that in to you. Good, now you know! Cuz the guy who IS…will change your world like you never knew a man could.

    I promise.

  2. I second above… never, ever settle! Life’s far too short to be with someone who doesn’t value you. And, timing is everything; Nick and I are the perfect example of that 🙂

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