Back to 26.2

My window is fogged over from the icy temperatures outside.  I see layers of white fluff creviced into branches on the trees that surround my condo.  The ice on the roads makes my California tires spin as I plan a solid 30 minutes to get anywhere ahead of time.

I love Minnesota

I think outsiders to this Northern state think were crazy for living here.  I can’t help but agree, however, there is something amazing about having a white Christmas.  I won’t accept desert heat or palm trees this time of the year.  It just doesn’t fit.

On that note, I am beginning to be a treadmill runner (out of force and fear of ankle injury.)  I have always dabbled with logging miles on the tread but while living in California I got use to the paths.

I got out my planner last night and started planning out my runs.  I boasted to my best friend that this week marks the beginning of marathon training for Fargo 2014.

I giggle when I see that this week’s “long run” is 8 miles.  I reflect back on the fact that back in May a 17 mile run was “no biggie”.  I guess you could say I am excited to train.  I am excited to get back to logging lots “o” miles and looking forward to another city of 26.2.

What are you looking forward to? Ready to take on a new healthy initiative? Are you excited to try crossfit? Quit smoking? Or perhaps you’re cutting sugar? Whatever changes you are making I am right along with you! Have a great holiday season!


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8 thoughts on “Back to 26.2

  1. Candice, back in 2009 I trained for the Sarasota Marathon. Back then it was the full 26.2. Now it’s a half. I trained through winter. I bought myself a pair of Yaktraxs. For my long runs I’d log 6-8 miles on the treadmill. Grab a hot shower. And head out immediately for another 12. With temps in the single digits I had my wife shadow me in the car (hypothermia ain’t fun). Nonetheless, it was the best Minnesota experience I’ve had in all my 13 years here. Thanks for your awesome blog. Brad.

    • Impressive

      I like how you added a hot shower….and your wife, well, shes fantastic!

      Thank you for reading. You are a BIG inspiration to me.

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