What Ayurvedic Type Are You?

If you would have popped into my apartment on Thursday you would have found two 20 somethings curled up on the couch reviewing notes on Ayurveda.

I know you may be asking, what is that? Sounds odd? Another language? Now before you write me off, please peruse through this post because you WILL learn something.

According to Dictionary.com, Ayurveda is defined as:

The ancient Hindu art of medicine and of prolonging life.

I learned that Ayurveda is a way for an individual to learn about themselves through classification of their body type, tendencies, and reaction to stress.  Ayurveda classifies individuals into three categories: Pitta, Vata, and Kapha.  Once you take the test and figure out what you are (you may be primarily one or a combination of all three) then you can learn if your mind/body balanced or imbalanced.

To begin, take the test here:


Second,  learn ways to seek balance:


I am primarily a Vata.  What are you? What did you learn? Do you feel like the quiz is accurate?

post image source: http://pre.cloudfront.goodinc.com/posts/1286471053ayurveda01.jpg


2 thoughts on “What Ayurvedic Type Are You?

  1. I took this quiz a couple weeks ago! I’m primarily a pitta… definitely spot-on 🙂 I find ayurveda super interesting and would love to learn more about it!

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