10 Reasons to Love Spin Class

Grab a bike, lace up your shoes, and enter a studio that blasts good beats.  Cycling is a great change of pace for anyone who is looking to change up their work out routine.

10 Reasons to love Spin Class

·       Easy on the joints in comparison to running and other high impact activities

·       Weather proof

·       All levels: One spin class can have beginners and elite athletes in it because you choose your own bike settings

·       Motivating: Group classes have been proven to amp your effort

·       Jams: House, country, rock, take your pick and enjoy the beat

·       Friendly:  A great way to catch up with a friend by going to a spin class and grabbing coffee, lunch, dinner after

·       Stationary bikes have come a long way! Corepower Studios offer bikes that move side to side to mimic how a road bike maneuvers

·       Efficient: Increase intensity by doing intervals of sprints to rev your metabolism and increase the calorie burn

·       Clip in Practice: If you are new to cycling and are interested in riding outside then it is a great way to practice using cycle shoes!

·       Versatile: Spin classes are offered at most gyms



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