Drop Kick the Mean Voice

This is me using my mean voice and I am speaking to you because I have caught many (yours truly included) saying I can’t, never could, not me, would never happen, before the possibility even rolls around.

You may be asking, what is she talking about? Well, let me lay it down for you.

Recently, I have been working A LOT in the fitting rooms of a cute athletic store in Minnie.  I have seen some tears, owl-like stares, and quick glances as women (of all sizes) look at themselves in the mirror.  It is true that some women absolutely hate the fitting room while others don’t mind.  The difference is the use of the inner “mean voice”

Mean Voice Chick:

-My legs will never be skinny

-I can’t seem to lose this extra weight

-I could never run a 10k

-I need something that hides my big booty

Non Mean Voice Chick:

-This pair of pants shows off my bubble butt (hey Beyonce)

-The blue in the sweater brings out the color of my eyes (diggin’ it)

-I am buying new gym clothes to motivate me to work out more. I want to look good when I sweat.

What did you feel after reading this? Which chick seems more confident? More of a do’er and less of a complainer? Who would you want to be friends with?

Do you speak to yourself like a best friend? Or do you flat out give yourself a heap of negativity?

The “mean voice” is not going to help you make friends with the mirror.  The “mean voice” is what gets in the way between you knocking down limitations.  This is why I ask you to drop  kick the mean voice.  The next time you catch yourself saying the words “never” “cant” “shouldn’t” “wouldn’t” questions its validity and take it one step further.  You are capable.

post image source:http://www.thehighteacast.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Fitting-Room.jpg


2 thoughts on “Drop Kick the Mean Voice

  1. Thanks for the reminder, friend… my mean voice made a few appearances the past couple months, but I’ve been working on silencing it. Hope you’re well! xo.

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