Never Give Up

The words “never give up” are strong.  Please listen and adhere to these words.  The words apply to a new business you have launched, a marathon you’re running, or maybe even a vocation you have yet to land.   

The truth is, you cannot fail unless YOU give up.  Yes, I think people lose sight of this.  We often let others decide for us whether we will fail or we will succeed.  The truth is they don’t know.  They don’t know what you are capable of.

  I am a fan of the underdog story.  I believe in the little guy and the one that preservers and proves everyone wrong.

You are as strong as you believe.  Do not let others decide whether you win or lose, and last but not least “never give up”

Thank you to the young man in the gym this morning that inspired me.  I am happy you shared your story with me.  I am happy to hear you decided to put your health first and lose 50lbs.  I owe you one!

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