Great vs. Not so Great Instructors

“He pumps me up”

“Her energy is contagious”

These are common statements about our favorite instructors.  We seek out the teachers that are highly followed, emit amazing energy, and push us to reach our best physical and mental potential. 

“You can!”

“Give me one more!”

Great instructors have the power to motivate someone across the room.  They can create the “fire in our belly” when we may feel defeated or lacking motivation.

I’ve seen it happen.  The first-timer in the back of the room that cautiously walks in.  She hopes to remain unseen and approach the class with a “fly on the wall” mindset.  She doesn’t know what is to come. 

…and then 30 minutes into class, she is no longer cautious.  The fine tuned instructions get her right where she needs to be. The strong beat of the music gets her in the groove and the class ends before she knows it.  She leaves feeling inspired and ready for more.

It’s cool to see. It is even more fun to experience. 

On the other hand, there is a not so great instructor. 

We have ALL been there.  You know what I am talking about; dreadful music, lacking instructions, and a dwindling class size remind you why you should have checked the schedule or done your research beforehand. 

Try this: Give constructive feedback

It’s the only way to ensure that the instructor (and you) can benefit from the rather not so great experience in the future.

Who’s your favorite instructor? Who isn’t? Has an instructor ever put the fire in your belly?

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