October Goals in Slow Motion

Today begins with a new type of motion.  I am going to slow things down a bit.  Let me tell you why:  You see, I notice a lot of people around me running around like crazy and you know what? I see a lot of stressed out people who desperately need some down time and a little “mo fun” yes, what happened to work hard, play harder?

I am writing to make an argument to slow things down.  I am making changes in my life today so that I can have more time to spend on the things that matter.

This month prompts the transition of warm weather to a much cooler fall.  The paths are filled with deep red, muted purple, and mustard yellow leaves.  They crunch beneath my Asics with every step.  These leaves are a constant reminder of the trees that are shedding their layers just like I am shedding old habits and agendas that no longer serve me.

October prompts me to join the Slow motion movement.  I have already benefitted by slowing down my meals to consist of whole foods.  I have to cook in order to prepare them.  I have also slowed down my weekly calendar and am now filling it with friends, family, and a church that I absolutely love.

Below are my goals from September

*bolded are the goals that have been met


New Job!!!

Write 2 x weeks on Allthingsyogi


Breakfast everyday (still working on)

Strength train 4x week


Go out dancing in Minneapolis 1x week

Go to church with Lexi and Rach 1x week

Below is what is on the agenda for October


I am prepared to take my personal training test (NASM) November 7th

I land another new gig (Network like crazy)


I eat breakfast everyday

I record my sleep every night on my Fit Bit Tracker aiming for 8 hours of sleep each night


I refrain and am cautious of negative written and verbal communication

I make a positive impact on every Athleta customer that I have the opportunity to meet

Please use this time (and this lovely post) to reflect and take notice of what pace your life is cruising at right now.  Is it slow? Is it fast? Is it enabling you to do what you want? Just a little something to chomp on as you read my goals and  make your own.  Happy fall and Happy October!

❤ Candice

post image source: http://www.bloggs74.com/wp-content/uploads/34-motion.jpg


One thought on “October Goals in Slow Motion

  1. This is exactly what I needed to read after such a crazy week. I’ve barely had a moment to breathe… making changes this week to take some me time so I can live my best life! Thanks for the reminder, friend!

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