Rain Dance

Today I am moving yet again.  This will be my 3rd move this year.  I have to say I have gotten quite good at it.  The beauty is that if you don’t own much moving can take about 2 days.

I am excited to move to my new city of Saint Paul.  I know it is far different from my previous habitat of Palo Alto, California, but this is my home for now.

I love Minnesota for its warm people, ice hockey culture, and the fact that 99% of my family lives here.  I know that I am totally following the cliché when I type this, but NOTHING replaces family.

Prior to putting my stuff into boxes and getting a move on things I went for a run.  I haven’t been feeling good this week due to a nasty cold so I have been taking it easy.  This morning I awoke to feeling better and acknowledged the fact that, yes, I could get in a harder workout today.

I pulled on a long sleeve, slipped on some Under Armour shorts and tied up my obnoxious rainbow colored Asics for a run on the path.  I had my IPod with me, but opted to go music-less.  I was cruising along only to feel some drops of rain about 20 minutes into my run.

I thought about the fact that the rain could get harder as I nervously slid my IPod under my top to protect it from the rain.  I started pondering the idea of heading back home.  I began to worry that my shoes would get wet and start to stink.  I started to worry about my getting “the chills”.

I kept on running.

If I would have gone back I would have missed out on the remaining hour of my run.

Lately, like with my rainy run, I have found there a lot of things to fear.  We as runners could get hit by lightening or we could over train and risk an injury.

The same goes for life.

There are a lot of things to fear and when you are in the middle of something big whether it is a casual run like today or something else.

Don’t dilly dally when facing adversity. Avoid trying to find a distraction.  Face it head on.  (Your reward may be as simple as an extra 60 minutes on your run)


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