Whole 30 Day 16: Feeling Fly

I can’t believe it is day 16! Thank goodness crabby pants is gone and I have gotten savvier in the kitch.  The first 10 days were the tough and now my bod has adjusted to using fat rather than sugar and carbohydrates for energy.

Below are some findings while Whole 30’ing:

  • Canola oil is in everything and this oil is a “no”, therefore, a good amount of the fixings in the Whole Foods salad bar is not an option!
  • Salsa and pasta sauces are tricky. I have noticed a lot of brands slip in added sugars.  Muir Glenn Organic pizza sauce does not!
  • Nuts at conventional grocery stores are cooked in cottonseed or peanut oil, therefore, raw nuts at your local co-op are the way to go
  • Organic and Grass Fed is more expensive but  after doing some research and feeling the difference it’s worth it:

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Buy Organic Meat & Dairy


2 weeks in and I’m feeling…

  1. Good, minus this nasty fall cold that I caught this week (Thank you brother)
  2. Rested,  averaging 8+ hours of sleep a night
  3. A little on the boring side because I haven’t had a glass of vino in over a month, however, my weekends are far more productive and I can dance equally as well sober (surprise, surprise)
  4. Kitch Savvy! Sautéed kale, sautéed spinach, colorful veggies!
  5. My skin is uber soft! love this
  6. Peppermint tea is my new thang! Very refreshing

What’s your favorite salsa or pasta sauce? Have you tried sautéing chard, spinach, or kale in coconut oil? Happy Fall Friday!

post image source: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/kale-cashews.jpg?ea6e46


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