Leggo Of Ego

Last night I took a C1 class at Corepower Yoga.  If you aren’t familiar with C1 it is a beginner yoga class where the instructor takes pauses to break down the postures.  Abby (my instructor yesterday) carefully articulated proper form through our chataranga dadasana (aka yoga push-up done performed during a traditional Sun Salutation sequence).

I walked in with an ego.  I have taken many classes and looked around at all the “beginners” and knew that this class would be easy peazy for me.  BUT, it wasn’t.  In fact, going more slowly through the poses forces one to focus on connection.  It gives you the ability to take more notice of form instead of flip-flopping from one pose to another.

A friend of mine even commented on the fact that sometimes your feet and arms are this way and that and before you know it you are more focused on the pace then the postures themselves.

Glad I got back to the mat and back into a C1.

It’s good to go back to the beginning.  It is good to swallow your pride and remove your ego.  There is always something to be learned.

What have you learned recently from your sport? Your practice? Have you ever gone back to the beginning?

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2 thoughts on “Leggo Of Ego

  1. I just restarted my CPY membership and it’s been so long I should probably start with a C1! Tough as it is to take a “beginner’s” class, I need some gentle reminders!

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