Back To The Mat

Attitude is everything.  Be positive, Think Positive

Sometimes I lose sight of the bigger picture.  I waver in indecision and get stuck in a wave of negativity.

I bring on the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.

Pump the breaks.

I don’t like thinking this way.

When I get back on my mat this negative mindset fizzles.  It is post class that my world view becomes bigger. My mission becomes clear and the positive and the vibrant Candice immerges.  I welcome her.

I write this again because I deem it important. Attitude is everything.  Be positive, Think Positive

I think any YOGI can attest to the inner chatter that goes on during a yoga class.  We need to listen to the stuff that comes up. Today my inner chatter was reminding me to get back to the mat.

Yoga has been a part of my life for about 3 years and there hasn’t been a single class that I haven’t learned something.  I, like many others, have A LOT to work on in my practice, but getting back to the mat gets me back in touch with my soul.

What’s your inner chatter telling you?

Yoga on. Run on. Pilates on. Whatever gets you in your groove and make you, you.


2 thoughts on “Back To The Mat

  1. You’re so right… attitude is everything! I need some yoga… interested in Amelia’s free C2 next Wednesday or Bend it at Brit’s??

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