Weights, Weights, Weights

I want to begin this post by letting you know ahead of time (before you read any further) that this post is targeted towards the ladies AKA chica’s , diva’s , girls, gals, whatever, you get the picture.

So ladies, what is your relationship with weights? The weight room?

Do you fear you will get bigger or that your body will morph into something Hulk like? Well, this is pretty impossible, why? Females aren’t built to get this way.  Yes, some of us take on muscle more easily than others, but we don’t have the testosterone that our male counterparts do.

So, Please CHILL on the topic of getting BIG and wrap your head around the concept of getting toned, lean, and being a fat burning machine.

Change takes place in the weight room.  ANY intelligent fitness professional will be the first to state it.

Now that we have cleared that very often misconception up let me share my own personal experience with strength training.

Let’s rewind to the age of approximately 15 where My mom happily showed me around our neighborhood gym.  I remember her taking me through her leg workout.  We got to the leg press machine and my mom said “Candice, careful with this machine, don’t go with too high of weight because it will make your legs bigger”

It was this moment that formed my incredibly flawed relationship with weights and strength training.

Today, I spent majority of my workout in the weight room.  I did lunges with heavy weights and upped the # on the leg press.  I set aside the flawed and misinformed information regarding women and their relationship with weights.

Do you have a skewed understanding of strength training? Are you afraid of getting (gasp) big? I think you will be surprised with the results.  Your muscles will thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Weights, Weights, Weights

  1. I struggle with the weigh room! I lifted a ton for a long time with no carido, and my jeans didn’t fit because my legs + butt were too big. I started triathlon, and while I do have less muscle than when I was a CF fanatic (though not much less, per the bod pod), I feel far better (about myself, my fitness level, etc.). That said, I should probably do some strength training; however, it will definitely not be at my previous level. Every BODY is different… mine is happiest swimbikerunning 🙂

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