You Do You

The statement has been coming up in conversation after conversation.

I reply with a simple, “you do you”.

The reply comes out when someone:

  • Changes careers
  • When choosing to spend the holidays with a lover over family
  • Chooses to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Apologizes after canceling on plans when their schedule is too busy
  • When faced with deciding to go with plan A for the evening or Plan B
  • When a relationship is blossoming or ending based on one of the partners needs
  • When a friend is deciding between hitting up the gym or happy hour

This statement has no judgement.  It is understanding .

Understand that people may not agree with you.  They may not understand you.  They may criticize, question, and downright refuse to accept your decisions or how you simply “do” things.  However, it’s your life.  It is your journey.

Allow yourself to face and go through difficulty.  Allow yourself to embrace and celebrate happiness.  Allow yourself to struggle.  Allow yourself to squirm and get angry when you are faced with something difficult-and then- work through it.

The beauty is it all happens to get you RIGHT where you need to be.

So simply, beautifully, “do you”


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