Road Tripping: California to Minnesota

This week has flown by.  I have spent my time saying goodbye to friends, packing, and enjoying my last few days in the land of nuts and berries (California)

I took off yesterday at 9:00am and picked up my Dad from San Francisco airport.  I then drove 11 hours to where I am now (about 30 minutes east of Salt Lake City, Utah)

I didn’t think I would say this, but I actually enjoy road trips.  I get excited when the license plates change states and the terrain goes from mountain to desert to lush green.  It takes you away from your day to day routine and forces you adjust to wherever you may be and what you are around.

Our first stop was a big debate.  My Dad wanted Burger King and I wanted the Supermarket Deli.  I convinced him that a chicken sandwich made with questionable ingredients would not suffice him and his nutrition needs.  He quickly jumped on board with the supermarket idea and together we sat curbside devouring a rotisserie chicken with guacamole and sugar snap peas.

California meets Minnesota.  Dad spends time with daughter.  Infact, more time in one leg of our trip then we have spent together in 2 years.

Big Deal. Lots of bonding. 100% one of the best decisions ever made.

Below are 10 Tricks of keeping healthy on the road:

  1. Grocery stores are a great place to put together healthy and clean meals
  2. Stretch at every stop, do a few jumping jacks, and go for a little walk
  3. Keep a cooler in the car filled with organic nut butter and plenty of fruits and veggies (I have found that bananas, apples, sugar snap peas, and carrots travel well and are easy to eat carside)
  4. Seek out hotels with gyms or a good environment for a walk or run (safe)
  5. Go for the eggs at breakfast and ditch the idea of sugar laden doughnuts, muffins, and bagels (The protein from the eggs will fill you up and keep your blood sugar steady)
  6. Yogi’s keep your mats in your trunk and take it out and bring with you to the hotel for an impromptu yoga session
  7. Stay Hydrated, even when you are sitting for extended periods of time you need your H20
  8. Make the trip more fun by seeking out National Parks and cool hikes and make stop to explore if you can
  9. Keep whey protein with you:  There is a bucket of Raw Protein in my backseat so if I don’t have a healthy option and am feeling ravenous I have a quick and easy quick shake to keep me satisfied
  10. Value Sleep, you will get more accomplished by making sure you get ample rest on your trip

What’s the longest road trip you have been on? Thinking about taking one? What have you found helpful in getting to your destination?

Post image source:*R7iK5EIgCpkNspZi8KNIsqaL1owjdO5-2KbcO2fjWjVZwMA6ADBS8qz6pWdiOcdW7s/roadtrip.jpg


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