Yoga Connects Us To What Is

The bod is amazing.

Did you have a great day? A yoga class will help you become more aware of this…your balance will be on point, your stomach will effortlessly let you flow through the poses, and your ability to let go and smile and feel the loosening effects of the postures will guide you.

The feelings of a great day will come up and will play over in your head like this:

 Yes, I did a damn good job on that project!

 My boss loves me!

 That promotion is mine!

 My boyfriend is amazing!

My Coffee was made perfectly!

I got to work early with no traffic!

It’s like the icing on the cake after a great day to hit a class and be able to recap the positivity and soak in the goodness. 

Yoga may also help highlight a rough day.  It can help you reflect on what’s making you frustrated, sad, or even angry.  It can help you take notice of where in your body you are harboring these emotions. 

The postures may make you realize that your arms are stiff from crossing them all day or that your neck is more tense than usual.  You may even try to unclench your jaw from added stress of a a deadline that is coming up around the corner.

The feelings of a not so great day will come up and play over in your head like this:

Traffic was horrible this morning and once again I was late to work.

I shouldn’t have ate the piece of cake and now my ass is growing by the second.

My co-worker criticized my work and now I have to pick it up a notch or risk loosing out on my bonus.

My friend lied to me and now I am questioning our friendship.

My company may be getting bought out.

Does this all sound familiar? A good day vs. a bad day and the conversation that takes place in our head.  What if we could shut this out? We could be in the moment and set aside our day? Our frustrations? Our triumphs? And just be.

Focus on your breath. Feel your muscles loosen through the postures. Stare into your own eyes and check in. 

Yoga connects us to what is.  It strips away the worry and confusion.  It silences our thoughts and reels us in to our true selves.

When is the last time you stepped into a yoga studio? Have you ever? Do you want to? Are you curious? And if you have, what does yoga do for you?


2 thoughts on “Yoga Connects Us To What Is

    • Thanks Erin! So stoked and happy for you that your day is almost here! We must get together for a coffee recap. x0

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