Bike Ridin’

Yesterday, I went for a 2 hour bike ride with a good friend Eric who use to cycle competitively.  We looped around Cupertino and Sunnyvale and the weather was perfect with whole-lotta sunshine.

There was a point in the route where I lost Eric.  We stopped for water and hopped back on our bikes, but I didn’t hop on too smoothly and struggled to get my shoes to lock into the bike (amateur move) anyways, I lost him for about 5 minutes and then I found him (sigh) I think most of my fear came from the fact I:

a) hadn’t biked in forever b) had no idea where we were c) was afraid this lost-escapade could turn into a 2-3 hour search brigade

This bike ride also took the place of a half marathon I was supposed to run today.  I say “suppose” because my legs want rest.  I decided to respect this and sleep past my 6:00 alarm and opt for some good stretching yoga bliss.  It was a really hard decision for me to make, but sometimes we’ve got to take a step back and evaluate how much we are pushing ourselves for the good, the bad, and the ability to prevent injury.  Today I choose rest and damn it feels good.

I think the question that comes up for runners who begin to dip into cycling is…How does it compare? does it offer the same challenges? will I be equally as good at it? will I get the same fill of endorphins? of stress relief? of calorie burn?

These questions are valid.  It is scary to dip into another sport.  It is scary to take a leap into something completely unknown.

Bike vs. Run (the obvious and the not so obvious)

+1 Bike= cover more miles in less time

+1 Run= much more inexpensive (think shoes, shorts, baby)

+1 Bike= easier on your joints

+1 Run= anywhere, anytime, no bike racks

+1 Bike= you can do it for the long haul, running until your 80? Possible but not probable

+1 Run= music friendly, on a bike it can cause problems (traffic, etc.)

+1 Bike= commuter friendly, nothing like saving your $ and getting to work

+1 Run= Rock N Roll, Color Run, Bay to Breakers the options are endless

+1 Bike=duathalon, triathlon, Ironman, you got options and many different distances to challenge yourself

Have you tried a new sport recently? Are you interested in trying something new? Get Googling and see what else is out there and, who knows, you may pick up your new favorite hobby. Happy Sunday!

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