Bikram and an Ice Cube

This past Tuesday came with a roar. It involved heat and 26 postures that hadn’t been done in about 2 weeks. I missed the creaky floors and stinky mats of my favorite studio, Yoga Source, in Palo Alto but, I had forgotten just how hot Johnny Gonsoulin likes to crank the heat. The class made me feel woozy so I sipped some extra water and took total advantage of the wind removing pose and made sure to hold my breath steady.

Towards the end of class there were quite a few students who opted to lay low in child’s pose to reduce the effects of the heat. I was tempted to do this myself and instead decided to take an extra sip of water to get my “cool on”

The lady to my left got out her water bottle and lifted the cap. She handed me a small ice cube. I took the cube and instantly put it to my forehead.

It was amidst the heat and trying to sip and sweat my way to cool that, one woman, stopped her practice and helped me out. She was my saint for that evening.

I know you may be thinking, supa-dupa cheesy Candice, but, more seriously, whether it is one ice cube, one dollar, one held door, and one smile, what can you do in this moment to help someone out? To give a little break to someone’s struggle? To put some swagger in their step and a smile to their face?

I am thinking that for my next yoga class my water will be iced. I will be ready for anyone, like me, who needs a little “cool-ness” amidst their practice.

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