You’re Making Me Smile

We live in a world of want. We want that shirt, those pair of shoes, and that house before we can feel appeased or happy for the time being. I have fallen for this….time and time again, infact, I was just on (shhhhh) but, my question for you is at what point will the wanting cease? at how many pairs of running shorts will I be satisfied? At what size of my living space will be enough? There is no ceiling. It just keeps continuing.

I recently read a post on a fellow bloggers site about “Things that make me smile lately”

My overall take on this post was that majority of the comments revolved around family and the outdoors.

What makes you leap out of bed? What smacks a smile on your face?

Below is a list of my 10 things that are making me smile lately:

1. Espresso, laptop, and a comfy chair
2. Chats about running and triathalons
3. The sweet trickle of sweat from a long run
4. Hugs from familiar faces
5. Sunsets
6. Crossing something off my to-do list
7. Chatting about goals with friends like this cool cat (
8. Sights of old couples who are still madly in love
9. Cyclists cruising by on the road
10. My 2-year-old cousin singing the ABC’S

What is making you smile lately? Happy Sunday and enjoy the week ahead!

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2 thoughts on “You’re Making Me Smile

  1. Thank YOU for such a lovely afternoon tea on Saturday! It was so great to see you and catch up! Thinking of you today 🙂 xo.

    What’s making me smile lately… catching up with friends, long bike rides in the sunshine, my man, my niece, my entire family, working from home on Monday morning, espresso with coconut milk, new possibilities…

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