10 Reasons to love the Whole 30

I am not a fan of diets.  I want to follow something that can last for the next 5,10, 20 years and beyond.  The Whole 30 helps you navigate and create a plan that works for you indefinitely.

Below is a list of 10 reasons to love the Whole 30:

  1. Sleep Hygiene– hunker down and make it dark.  The Whole 30 stresses the importance of scaling back and getting your zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on
  2. Allergy awareness-dairy? grains? nut allergy? you will find out if you have one while Whole 30’ing
  3. Attention to Detail-  Ingredient lists are scary and often are filled with things we cannot pronounce and are not good for us.  The Whole 30 teaches you to be aware of what goes into these foods
  4. Amazing complexion If you eliminate foods that cause inflammation and eat vibrant fruits and veggies then your skin will thank you
  5. Emotional awareness Whole 30’ing increases awareness of habits that may be hindering your ability to deal with your emotions.  Do you go to the fridge when you are feeling sad? had a tough day at work? The Whole 30 may make you think before opening the cupboard for a late night feast
  6. Produce, Produce, : The Whole 30 forces you to shop the perimeters of a grocery store.  This is where all the good foods are!
  7. Cooking- The Whole 30 forces you to become savvy in the kitchen and there are TONS of resources to help you on your Whole 30 journey: http://www.wholelifeeating.com/
  8. Support- The site has a forum where you can connect, relate, and share your experience while Whole 30’ing
  9. Athletic Performance– Do you want to be able to run further, swim longer, or lift heavier? nutrition plays a BIG role in your achievement both at work and in the gym
  10. Increased Focus- There are some nasty side effects to eating added sugars.  The beauty is that if you eliminate it you will find equilibrium in your mood and energy levels

Have you ever done an elimination diet? Can your body handle dairy? Have you ever “googled” some of the ingredients in your food? read on and share: http://whole9life.com/

post image source: http://www.arealhousewifeofnyc.com/wp-content/uploads/Whole30-Week-2-500×514.jpg


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