Minnesota Booty Shake

Minnesota. Boom.

I’m here and lovin’ it.  I hopped onto a plane on the 3rd and arrived to humidity, my parents hugs, and a bright pink room that I so happily painted when I was the age of nineteen.

I swear there is nothing more comforting then the house you grew up in.  I like morning coffee talks with my Dad and being able to reconnect with old friends at the gym up the street.  This is bliss for me and I am so happy to be here until the 14th.

July is here.  I like the simplicity of light dresses, flip flops, and beach hair.



Crisp white wine

Beach sand

Lake sand


I have deactivated my Facebook for a few months and decided to set 2 goals a month instead of 3.  This is more do-able.  This is far more realistic.

Bolded is what I got to in June:



  • Yoga 1x week
  • new morning routine of breakfast at 5 with book and journal
  • swim laps at Equinox 1x week


  • 2 lunch dates with people I said I would, but haven’t
  • Be more realistic with my time, I cannot continue to be the “yes” girl
  • PR on half marathon

Below is “whatsup” in July


  • Revamp Linkedin Profile
  • Create excel doc of Masters Programs in Public Health- Fall 2014


  • Yoga 2x week, weight train 4x week, hardcore cardio 1x week (booty and thighs baby)
  • Surf, paddleboard, body board with Joy


  • Continue to be more realistic with my time (no, I cannot be in 2 places at once and over-extending myself is no bueno)
  • Find a good church in da bay

What are you up to in July? Need a break from Facebook? Craving a little simplicity? Change it up and get it on.  On this note, I leave you with a quote from a dance instructor at Lifetime Fitness “Life is too short without a little booty shake!” so shake it up baby.  Happy 4th of July!

Post image source: http://www.welcomehomedesmoines.com/HM_NF0411.html


3 thoughts on “Minnesota Booty Shake

  1. You’re in Minnie?! Would LOVE to see you, girl! I’m around so let’s get some coffee on the calendar 🙂

    Fantastic goals! I’m working on being more realistic with my time, too… it’s tough, but makes life so much simpler.

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