A New Look

Yesterday was the first day of summer!  Let’s talk sunshine, beach, water, parks, watermelon, and all of the goodness that comes with the warm summer months.

Now that the marathon is over, my room is near complete, and my brother has stayed his week in the lovely Silicon Valley I am ready for a revamp.

  • If you haven’t noticed already Allthingyogi has a new look
  • My closet is a crazy mess and desperately needs to be purged of Allthingsnasty
  • Bikram is back in the mix and so is dance class
  • Whole 30’ing week 1 is a KILLER but I am hanging in thurrrr
  • Reggae and ghetto beats fill my iPod and stereo
  • Hair is going to get professionally straightened eeeeeeeek!!!

Yes, to revamping, no to the stale and somewhat stagnant winter months that are behind us.  I am ready for some change and for some newness, you with me?

Below are some links to throw a little “new” your way.  Interested in the Whole 30? Want to try bikram? Closet a mess? Interested in some new recipes? Check it below:

Try this amaze recipe from PaleOMG:


Get started with bikram here:


Learn about closet organizing and decluttering here:


Learn about this Whole 30 business here:


Have you de-cluttered your closet? Are you in need of a little re-vamp? Or are you already on your way? Spill, share, and enjoy the sunshine.



post image source:https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/c0.26.851.315/p851x315/429981_324551984342349_674634413_n.jpg


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