You win some, you lose some

PS– Personal slowest: much like a PR, however, the individual sets a personal record for their slowest time.

This past Sunday I set a PS for the San Francisco half marathon. Am I bummed? yes, Am I happy I ran? yes! I realize my bod isn’t going to perform how I want it to every race.

Below are a few reasons why I set this PS:

  • 3 weeks after the marathon was not enough time for my legs
  • ran 1x since the marathon (wow, really? thought I could just wing it?!)
  • hill runs x 1000000, yes this course went through the Presidio (enough said for you San Franciscans)
  • I need to keep experimenting with different breakfasts before races to see what works best
  • I am using this Ironman for guidance:

The beauty of setting a PS is already knowing what we are capable of. I know that I am fully able to run sub 8 minute miles with proper training and nutrition. This will happen again.

On a much different note, my friend Nick set a PR! he ran less, put on 10lbs of muscle, and cycled his way to a PR. I am so happy for him and his kick-ass Boston qualifying time!

Another friend ran his second marathon and was kettle-balling the very next day. Last, I know two guys who ran their first half and killed it! clearly, this race was a win for many.

Have you recently set a PR or a PS? what did you differently? what did you learn about through your training or lack of training?

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